REW CRM Mobile Website Progress

@Morgan could you provide updates regarding the progress of mobile website transition from the REW app. It is my understanding that many upgrades have already been made to mimic the REW app. However, I am about to sign a contract but have been hesitant based on how this mobile site transition has slowly been progressing. What phase of implementations and updates are we at 80%? Our agency may be the only one struggling with this transition from REW app to mobile website, therefore when the time comes I want to break the news to our realtors and will need to provide training…

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You’re not the only one struggling with the transition. The mobile app was one of the few good things about REW’s CRM and now that it’s being deprecated (like all of their other sites when a new version comes out :thinking:) I’ve had the same experience. Looks like you haven’t gotten an answer to your question yet either.

Hey team, about to post an update on this:

I literally just got the new CRM “Yesterday” on - we’re beta testing now!

There are some bugs (so not ready for primetime “yet” - but damn it’s close!

I would say a July timeframe for beta release? @Rebecca @Aayaam seem reasonable?

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July timeframe for this release is very feasible to me! July is what the product team is aiming for to have this released on Renaissance.

And when I say “bugs” these aren’t major things, but rather little UI issues (example below)

See how the last visit text overlaps? fixing little things like that now that we have actual users on it. Hard to find use cases like this unit you"re “in it” (with actual traffic)

Supposed to look like this:

There will be an invite for a beta group (testers) and we’d welcome volunteers, but you have to be wiling to tolerate little things like this (and not demand they get fixed as “one of’s” since we have a process:

Report > Validate > Fix > Test > Deploy (in next release) so if you sign up for beta, you have to be willing to tolerate a few small issues.

BUT - it’s friggin badass!

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