REW Dialer Beta is live!

Hello everyone,

The latest release for the CRM went live last week and with it the beta launch of the REW Dialer!

Check out this feature video for a quick look into it! Let us know what you think, we really appreciate your feedback.

Have you signed up for the beta yet? Jump back to the initial conversation if you’re interested.


Thanks for sharing @FernandoOrtiz! And thanks to @Elianna for the great video!

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I am enjoying the dialer, works really good. I called back my number today and AT&T is labeling it as Spam. Is there going to be a way to put a caller ID on it to try and avoid this. Unsure what the answer is.

The dialer works well but I’m having the same issue as @PaulSpaulding with the number showing as Spam. For me, it’s on T-Mobile. There would need to be a fix for this before it would be usable with clients. @Morgan or @Rebecca any ideas?

Thanks for the feedback @Sherida. There are a few options we can look into to get rid of the spam label. Registering your dialer numbers with your phone provider (T-Mobile or AT&T), to create more trusted dialer numbers seems like a good first step. Let me get back to Morgan and the Product team to brainstorm more ideas! Any other feedback please let me know.

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