REW Dialer - Twilio Integrated with call recording + synching / reporting in REW CRM

Do you know about the new REW Dialer slated to come out later this year?

It’s pretty awesome actually (been testing it for a while) on

Here’s how the UI works:

From any screen where you have access to the lead’s phone number (the main screen, lead details screen, etc) you just click the phone number and it opens up the dial session.

From the session I can:

  • Mute the call
  • Access a keypad
  • Record the call (make sure you ask for permission and follow all local laws)
  • Take notes.

The system automatically records the session (so I don’t have to “log a call” afterwards and if I take any notes or I record the call, it is all right there in my call logs.

Of course, as an admin or trainer, I can see all the call logs, notes and listen to recordings as well

Of course, all of this activity also flows into my agent response report in the agents dashboard as well which is pretty cool.

It’s pretty rad actually!

So when can YOU (our customers) get ahold of this thing?

The team is just working on the infrastructure on the backend for provisioning and decommissioning phone numbers (each agent can be assigned their own phone number) and then we should be good to go.

It will have a base price per number which will include a certain amount of monthly minutes, and then if you go over your minutes you’ll just be charged for more minutes.

The reason it has a consumption cost is Twillio (the service provider we use for the calling bridge) has a consumption cost. So the more you use it, the more it costs us (and so we pass this onto the customer).

ETA? I would say in the next 90 days or so. @Aayaam does that sound like a reasonable target for a beta of the REW Dialer?

Once launched, we’d love to have your feedback on what additional features it should have to make it the most useful and competitive real estate CRM integrated dialer on the market.

Can’t wait!


Hey @Morgan. Dialer is super exciting.

Question for you. After you make a call and if you happen to leave a voicemail, can you use the existing automation on the CRM to have a follow up email or text sent to the lead immediately after?

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That is a DAMN good question! (And I don’t know the answer)

Here’s the thing - how that “would” work (if it worked) is you would have a call due in your action plans for that day. Once you log the call (which happens automatically if using the dialer) then any “conditional” actions within the action plans would trigger.

BUT - does using the dialer satisfy the requirement of “log call” within an action plan?

@REW.Michael - beyond my paygrade. Can you chime in on this?

This is a GREAT idea! I love the combination of two features we have, Dialer and Automation, being used to make daily tasks easier. I would love to add this to the list of improvements to make the Dialer even better.

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This will be great to have!!

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Hi Morgan:
From what I have read it looks like you can import your personal (agent) number into Twilo. Is this something you would entertain on the CRM, as I’m getting pushback from my agents on using the system the way it is set up using random (unknown) numbers to contact leads.

Can I use my own number with Twilio?

Bring your own numbers. Add Twilio SMS and Voice capabilities to your existing landline or mobile number. Port your existing numbers to Twilio through an online application or email and then we take care of the rest.

No, you cannot do this in the “texting module” - that is a global number for the CRM (they do not have unique numbers per agent) and leads are “routed” to the right agent based on assignment.

The benefit of this is when you re-assign leads, that number stays intact (as does the history of texting conversations, etc) - also if your agents “owned” (and controlled) the numbers, when they leave, so do the numbers.

The dialer (when it comes out in a month or two) does allow for specific numbers to be selected by the admin for the agents, but I don’t think it’s “their phone number” @REW.Michael can you confirm?

Just a sidenote on this Leo (for other members as well)… we “use” twillio services (portions of them) but there is not feature parity (we’re not Twillio and can’t do everything they can do) there is a custom software layer in between them, and it’s very complex to code features related to texting/dialers. So it’s not like we can look at the capabilities listed on the Twilio website and just “enable” those. It’s hundreds (or even thousands) of hours to code many things related to dialers or texting (and ther are many moving parts you don’t see… budget allocation, account provisioning that sort of thing).

Just setting the expectation - we love feature requests (including around texting and calling) but it’s one of the more complex and expensive asks related to R & D.

That’s correct @Morgan, the upcoming REW Dialer will use newly purchased phone numbers.

Great question though @leo - Twilio does provide the ability to port a phone number (with some limitations). I have not gone through the process myself (takes ~2-4 weeks, is limited to continental US), however it does seems possible an existing number could be used.

This would be an exception to the standard setup, while @Morgan also brings up good points about the number’s ownership and control.

Ah IC - this is Twillio actually becoming your “service provider” - yeah that’s way beyond the scope of a dialer or CRM.

Cool idea for a single agent that is guaranteed to be the only person using the CRM - but if multiple people used it, everyone could text or call from “your” number. << likely not ideal.