REW LEADS APP UPDATE NEEDED! Shark Tank Notifications

I have brought this up for about a year now and could really you some attention to the subject. We have many leads that come in for certain people on our main site so it is better to have shark tank “auto” turned off. We just take the leads from the inbox, and use the “Toss into shark tank option” The problem is the agents then DO NOT get notifications there are leads in the tank. This really is a concern. How about leads the broker has from being inputted etc. that they want to toss into the tank for someone to work as well? All that needs to be done is an update to send out an alert if a lead in tossed into the tank manually vs with the shark tank turned on to dump all leads into it. PLEEEEASE. I have been asking for over a year.

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cc: @Morgan

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Thanks for your feedback, it has been captured with the team :slight_smile: @Aayaam

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Hey Morgan, I was playing with auto rotation and the shark tank yesterday. What I would like to see is a lead that is auto rotated go into the shark tank rather than the next agent. This would mean that the most engaged agents get more leads and promote quick response times.

I’m told that it’s only a one or the other scenario at the moment (rotation or shark tank). Is that correct?

Agree with the comments above that the shark tank needs notifications too.

What are your thoughts?
Chris Perkins - Halifax, NS