REW leads to Follow up boss

Hey guys, we are looking to push our leads from our REW website going to Follow up boss using Zapier. However, REW is still not integrated into zapier. So I’m wondering if there’s someone who can help me set this up? Thanks in advance!

It’s in Zapier under Real Estate Webmasters. That’s how we have ours setup.

Thank you for your reply. I tried creating automation on Zapier but for some reason is shows that there are no triggers available for REW. Screenshot 2021-08-11 100654

Look at your API tab in Follow Up Boss. There is an option there for lead processing. I think that is how we did it. And then you can make a Zap so that when you tag something in Follow Up Boss (we use a tag called REW) it sends anything into Real Estate Webmasters. That way you have a two way set up.

Are you saying via the API tab in FUB you were able to pull leads from REW? Would be great if you could provide any images or additional description of how you got that going as the above image with the “No trigger available” has been something that we have run into several times and has kept us from implementing multiple different systems.

Pretty sure Russ is likely using the REW API which is available to all current customers (I didn’t work on his integration though, so I don’t know for sure)

Also doesn’t the FUB pixel automatically scrape lead data into FUB? Probably a better question for FUB that REW, but I think it does that (I’m not sure, I don’t know anything about FUB)

EDIT: I get what you are saying now about the pixel and that makes my question seem kind of redundant. By adding the FUB pixel into their IDX Registration conversion tracking they pull the lead data instead of even having to ‘manually’ query the REW API after the fact.

So @rolendo it is going to be very straightforward and easy to pull leads into FUB by just implementing the FUB pixel. The pictures are out of date, but here is the how-to Pixel Setup: REW – Follow Up Boss - Help Center

If you’re specifically needing to do it through Zapier (I would question that being the case) then you, theoretically, could pull the data via conversion tracking to your own server - presumably modify it in some way since you don’t want it going straight into FUB as is - and then hit a custom Zapier hook that sends that modified lead data to FUB.

Thanks for all your answers guys. Still haven’t figured out how to send or transfer our leads from REW to FUP. Zapier only allows me to create automation if it’s the other way around, Follow up boss leads to REW.

@rolendo If there aren’t any rules against me sharing contact information I can easily walk you through this via a Zoom or Hangouts call in probably 5-10 minutes or less.

Try turning on lead processing.

Hi Ash, I could really use some help. How do I contact you?