REW Summit 2024 Nashville - June 20th-21st - it's on!

Exciting news everyone! The dates are set for REW Summit 2024!

It’s in Nashville TN on June 20th-21st

We’ll be at the W Hotel Nashville (It’s right downtown)

The format is similar to previous REW Summits:

Day 1:
2 Pre-lunch sessions
Catered Networking Lunch
2 Post Lunch Sessions Day

Day 2:

2 Pre-lunch sessions
Catered Networking Lunch
NEW R & D Roadmap session

Fun Night!

Speakers/topics will be focused 100% on actionable topics that matter to agents, team leaders and brokerages (no vendors selling from the stage)

Example topics on the table

  • Lead Generation (SEO / PPC / Social)
  • Building a Team:
  • Growing / Expanding A Brokerage
  • Effective CRM Strategy
  • AI (current state and best use cases)
  • Crushing it with video marketing

The session I’m most excited for though is the R & D roadmap session. We’re going to do a deep dive on REW’s current roadmap (what just launched, what’s coming soon, and what is planned for the future).

This is your chance to get behind the scenes but also to be a part of the process. We want to hear your feedback.

The 2nd half of the session is roundtable workshops where clients and REW Staff sit together and choose from a selection of topics and brainstorm how to make an exceptional product even better!

And of course, the fun night. If you’ve ever been to a REW Summit well… IFYKYK

Tickets are priced at $600 USD basically at cost (our cost for the event). It’s not about making $, it’s about having an epic time and learning what it’s going to take to crush it for the rest of 2024 and beyond.

Who’s in? We’d love to see you there!


This is going to be GREAT! and the Roadmap session will be exciting!


IM SO EXCITED! The fun night is going to be incredible and the sessions sound amazing! I can’t wait to see everyone there !

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Woohoo!!! Going to be epic!

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YAY!!! I’m in!! I can’t wait to meet with all of you!


Checking flights :grinning::grinning::grinning:

G :stuck_out_tongue:

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