Saved Favorites and Viewed Listings that are no longer available


I’m new to the Renaissance lead manager so this may be something that’s already been addressed. But it looks as though when a property is sold or expired the property info disappears from the listing in the Saved Favorites section and the Viewed Listings in the CRM “Listings” tab. However some of the info is still there in the Activity section (see attached). Is there any way to include that info, at the very least the MLS#, in the Saved Favorites section when a property disappears? or is there a workaround I’m missing? We’d love to be able to call leads when a Saved Favorite goes away to let them know it sold and to suggest similar active properties. Thanks!

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Hey Brian, great question!

We’d actually need to check each MLS to find out what is permissible in terms of storage of MLS data after the fact. In many cases, we have to purge identification data so that might be an issue.

What we could probably do instead is" In the “timeline” view or something, make a note that they viewed 123 main street (make it a text note, not tied to stored property data) - that is an R & D item, but happy to consider it.

@Rebecca please capture this for future discovery / discussion


PS - Brian, welcome back to the forums! We need to catch up soon my man! (I have a new buildings module I want to show you!)

Shoot me an email or text, it’s been too long!

Hey Morgan - Definitely has been too long, and so much has happened! Would be great to catch up over a couple beers next time we’re in the same city. Hope that happens soon. And thanks for the response about the listings -The data seems to be there, but could just be in a more usable place in the saved favorites section.

Thanks @brianenright and @Morgan, I will add this to our Product discovery list :slight_smile: