SEO Keywords for vacation homes

Does anyone have any good keyword suggestions for content? I am serving a small market in a mountain/tourist town catering mainly to investors and 2nd home purchasers.

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Tell us more about your area (and feel free to post a link to your site) -

Also who are you? Are you a Realtor® Do you focus on buying / selling? Both?

Any property types you shy away from, or really want to target? (meaning realistically what is moving in your market, not what would you love to sell that doesn’t sell there).

The more info, the better :slight_smile:

FYI - a great way to start is to go to your MLS, run a report of the last 6 months of what actually sold (That is what users are looking for) and then eliminating anything from that list that you don’t want to be a part of (maybe leases, commercial whatever)

Then when you have that you have “topics” to write about.

Never start with keywords btw (that is the wrong approach, that is SEO first approach), instead start with “users” (what will my ideal consumers want to read about when considering my area or hiring me).

You can always add keywords later - think about your users :slight_smile:

@Morgan I am a Realtor servicing Canmore Alberta and specialize in investment properties and vacation homes. I most often work with buyers but would like also like to start taking on more listings as well. Since starting in this market in 2017 I have zoned in on condos and I would also love to start getting experience in the luxury market as well. ie. $1.8M and up.

My site is and I currently rank decently for the search “canmore condos for sale”

That is really good advice on the MLS search and seeing what is actually moving, I will do that for sure.

As far as users go I suspect they will want to hear about the rental revenue potential from AirBnb rentals so that might be a good thing to blog about, for sure.

I appreciate your assistance!

Ben, are Calgary and Canmore the same?

Do you get a lot of traffic from Calgary (do you work there regularly?)

My instinct tells me they are not the same, and so I’d rather see you focus and double down on Canmore content than dilute your efforts by also covering Calgary (if it’s a totally different area).

But I don’t know your market well enough to say for sure. What I do know is that Calgary real estate terms are quite competitive (we have a lot of customers there).

Seems like Canmore as a niche would be much easier to dominate.

PS, I just took a look at your site, content is pretty thin. I’d focus on building out more robust content on your community pages before expanding. (Think quality of pages vs quantity of pages)

South Canmore for example only has this as content:

That’s not enough content IMHO to rank, I’d flesh out all those areas first, then move onto building supporting blogs to link back to them as pillar supports.

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Yep sounds good!