SEO Titles - how many H1 H2 and H3

Are there any best practices for how many titles should be on a page?

H1 - 1 title
H2 - 3 titles?
H3 - 3 titles?

Do you want H3’s on every page? Or is it ok to only have an H1 and a few H2’s?

You’re thinking about it the wrong way (except H1)

You should only ever have 1 H1 (it’s the main topic of the page)

For the rest, you should think of the structure of the document (don’t think about SEO)

An H2 is a sub heading of the main topic. Use as many or as few as make sense for organizing the document properly.

H3 is a sub heading of an H2:

It’s all about logically organizing:

H1: Real Estate Webmasters:

H2: Websites

  • h3 history of real estate websites
  • h3 current state of real estate websites


H2: Leads

Kind of like that - think back to grade 12 or university English classes. How did they teach you to structure an article?

Write like that :slight_smile:

And always write for the user, never the search engine. “How many” heading tags, will never be the reason your content wins


When it comes to SEO and heading structure on a web page, the best practices are more about the logical organization and hierarchy of the content rather than a specific number of headings. Nevertheless, here are some general guidelines:

H1: Use one H1 heading per page. This serves as the main title and should clearly describe the page’s purpose or topic.

H2: Use H2 headings for the main subheadings or sections of the page. There is no strict limit on the number of H2 headings, but they should be used logically and proportionately to the content. The number may vary depending on the length and complexity of your page.

H3: H3 headings are used for subtopics within H2 sections. Again, there’s no specific limit on H3 headings, but they should be used to further divide content within an H2 section when necessary.

In summary, it’s okay to have pages with only H1 and a few H2’s if the content doesn’t require further organization. Use H3 headings to provide a better content structure and improve the user experience when needed. Focus on making your headings informative and relevant to the content, as this will help search engines understand and rank your pages more effectively.

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Ermm, this is exactly what I just said - did you just post this into ChatGPT and ask it to rewrite it?

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