Let the epic feature release notifications continue! This one is just a few releases away and is SUPER Exciting! A new automation engine

Inspired by companies like Pardot / Salesforce automation pathing and mentioned in several customer request threads including the FUB discussions we are excited to announce you will soon have a brand new automation engine (if this or this, and this condition is met, then that!)

This is going to be HUGE!

How does it work? What might a use case be?

How about something like:

“If a lead has looked at a property more than 3 times, send a text to the agent”

“If a lead has not been contacted in 2 weeks or more but they have returned to the site let the agent know”

“If an AGENT has more than 7 new leads in the past week that have not been actioned then send an e email to the broker”

What are the use cases you can think of "if this or this then that?

Would love to hear your feedback as we continue to build, test and harden this new and exciting feature!



We will be taking full advantage of this.

I see the trigger as “tag added”; are tags the same as ‘groups’ or is there a new ‘tag’ function?

This is a really great add-on. thank-you !! I was previously using Realvolve CRM which had some great features like this, but was super cumbersome and didn’t integrate well with any website. Having this baked directly into a website is next level stuff !

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My man! We need to get on that call! There are SO MANY new features (out since your last call, and also coming soon)

Since you are who you are (marketing genius / all around numbers and metrics guy) you’re going to love THIS ONE too! (another coming soon feature)

New insights graphs!!!

Shoot me a message today if you’re around, I have some time this afternoon to show you all the things.