Some REALLY cool stuff is coming! Roadmap sneak peek :)

Hey all - happy Friday!

I wanted to pop in and share a few really exciting roadmap items that will be coming soon to a CRM near you!

Agent goals! As we all know, goal setting is so important for agents. Now in the CRM they will be able to set up their own goals and track their progress throughout the calendar year. They can also enter previous years and document how they did as a baseline as well.

Current goals are Commissions, Deals, Buy Side, Sell Side - Q: What other goals should we have?

Customized card management (deals and sources)

In the first version of the beta, the cards were fixed and there were only 4 or 5 (Sales Volume, Agent and broker commission, Pipeline etc

We’ve now added way more options but also created a custom view management for them so you can decide which ones you want to have on (and which you don’t) and you can also drag and drop / re-order them to your preference.

(Custom views with a single click)

(Far more options to select from)

If you’re loving these cards and can think of more - just let us know, we’re happy to consider suggestions.

New responsive lead details page:

This one is still a few months out, but it’s a HUGE upgrade to the lead details page. Not only does it address any mobile responsive issues, but it introduces new concepts like collaborators, parties, linked records (like spouses) etc - so slick!

Another major feature being developed is an entirely new automation engine (if this, then this) - going to be a huge feature for customers wanting to create conditional notifications and actions.

then consider these things

now take this action

Screen Shot 2024-01-15 at 5.21.51 AM


The lead detail redesign is great. Any chance we could get a peek at how it flows on mobile? I think it looks more approachable to less tech-savvy agents, yet still retains all the power (i.e. one tap/click to communicate with leads, etc). The timeline really makes a visual impact on just how active or inactive the leads is. Great work!

I don’t know how to do one long screenshot from Mobile - but here are some examples. The way it works is the sections are expandable/collapsable making for super mobile friendly experience

screen 2

screen 3

I also have a dream of making the mobile sections configurable (so each agent could drag / drop the sections and re-organize with their favorite / most used sections at the top. But that is still in discovery, not sure how difficult that will be to do. Would definitely be phase 2 for drag and drop)

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Looks great, and most importantly, easy to use! Collapsible sections are a nice touch. It looks like we don’t have to scroll much (if any) to find the section we need. Moving them would be cool, but the layout is so good I don’t feel that feature is “missing”. I think our agent’s will really like this!

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