SOS! Recently took over my companies Website, CRM, SEO, and pretty much anything you can think without any background in these areas. Seeking help!

Hey guys, so for the past few years I was the social media manager for my company, and then quite abruptly they fired the person who was in charge of our website, crm, & SEO! Long story short, whether for my age or having some bit of technical sense…I was the one they turned to take it over, and quite frankly i’m in over my head. I don’t even where to begin which is why I turned to you all! I Was hoping you guys may be able to help me get started or atleast steer me in the right direction as far as resources go! I feel like I’m looking at a puzzle and none of the pieces connect lol. Any advice would be great! Thank You

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Welcome! I don’t usually post but I have a soft spot for newbies who confess to being vulnerable. (I worked for REW for many years, and now I’m a realtor these past 7 years.)

If your bosses expect you to know everything you need to know in order to put these pieces together yourself, then I hope you can educate them about how these constitute about two full-time jobs (website, SEO, CRM, social media). Maybe more if your company is large. They have to either hire a second person (who is already good at whatever you assign them to do) or they need to give you a budget that you can pay for some help from a third party. This work is too important to hand over to one person especially if they aren’t an expert already in each aspect.

I recommend putting together a lot of relevant website content (neighbourhoods and property types especially; you may need to hire a local to churn these out, ideally someone who can talk about the flavour and market trajectory of each area, even just briefly) and then you would hire REW to optimize that content (not a huge effort from them per-page but very important to make your content count) while you move on to getting a blog working, perhaps with “guest posts” from willing agents to help create the content while you work on other things. (Those agents are incentivized because anything they submit for your blog will have their name on it and hopefully make them look good, plus it will get more eyes on it than they could get if they posted to their own websites since your main site should have more traffic than their sites do. The downside is you will get some CRAP that isn’t worthy of posting to the main blog and you’ll be the jerk having to reject them or spend time helping to edit them).
Important: This work may not show significant results for a year; Google is a suspicious hag.

Doing the CRM stuff is quite separate from the rest, although it ties into managing the website because you’re logging into the same backend and using the same general interface. REW has tutorials about using the CRM; you may need to learn how it works and what it CAN do (round robin lead assignment for example) and then you would go to your bosses and see how they want the CRM to work (what happens when a lead registers, or inquires about a property - what if they already “belong” to some other agent in the office?). The bosses may want a system where the agents are rewarded for responding quickly to any leads (agents who wait three hours shouldn’t keep getting leads from the company’s website) and REW thought of that kind of thing already so there are tools you will learn. I may be citing very old kinds of examples so just take my general meaning with this last paragraph.

Good luck!


Hi Alec,
Yes, I am sure it’s daunting, but we are here to help! Are you aware of who your Account Manager is? If you are not sure and can provide me with your website I can help. Thanks!

I came to comment on the exact sentiment of GerryT’s feedback. No one marketing person can’t do all those things, they will certainly need to pay for or hire support for you. Good luck Alec!