Sotheby's inspired colour scheme - feedback please?

Another new colour scheme for you guys! This one is based on the Sotheby’s brand. Thoughts? Personally, I love the mustard accent colour. Overall it feels a bit on the dark side but maybe that’s because of the header image.

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I like it and could be a little partial to it As I am a Sotheby’s agent. The mustard colour you used… is it PMS 456
RGB 154 132 25
HEX: #A38D31

That is the Sotheby’s Gold.

Would it be possible to get this theme please?

Thank you!

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Hi @Tony! It sure is. :slight_smile: I’m glad you like it! @Morgan and @Aayaam, can we get this going for Tony?

Thank you for the reply Amy and thank you for making the request for me :smiley:. I love it and look forward to the Sotheby’s theme on my site. You did a great job incorporating it into the Renaissance site.

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Thanks @Tony! It’s awesome how some color changes can make it so much more personalized. :slight_smile:

It totally is! Good job combining and integrating the Sotheby’s colours! :blush:

Hi @Tony! Just letting you know that we have ordered the build for this color scheme and it is going to be available in the next 1-2 releases.

For anyone else wondering about color schemes, we’ll be posting more soon and are also taking suggestions!

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Thank you for letting me know @AmyPye and for ordering it for me! Enjoy your Friday and upcoming weekend!

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Hi Amy,

@AmyPye Hope you are doing well. I was wondering if the Sotheby’s colour scheme is available now for my Renaissance site?

Hi @Tony - it is ready to go anytime. Your account manager can give you more information.

Thank you @AmyPye! Will connect with my accountant manager.

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