Stacie! Your Renaissance site is up! (And looking awesome!)

@staciestaub congrats on your install my friend! It is looking amazing!

I’ll reach out separately with the dev location, but as a reminder please these forums for any “how do I” type questions from the team.

Appreciate you my friend: Custom colors look great!

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OMG It looks amazing!!! So excited!

you have some photos with light upper sections, so I’m going to add a bit of an opacity to it to help your logo and nav stand out, but then we should be good to go (kind of like this)

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Let us know if you need other photo options, we have tons…but I think this will be great!

Congratulations @staciestaub! Love the color combination. It’s looking great!

Looks SO GOOD with that bar!! :slight_smile:

BTW @staciestaub your existing site uses the text overlay, so I popped main and sub overlay in there. What do you think (compared to no text above) personally I dig it! (phrasing might need work)

What are the ideal dimensions for the hero image for the homepage?

I think it’s 2,000 x 900

I love that mustard colour so much!

Thanks Morgan!!