Structured Data

Is there a way to implement structured data within Renaissance? Open Graph or Json-LD?

Can you provide more context? What type of structured data? On what pages?

If it’s anything IDX related, that would require programming since only programmers can effect code on IDX pages, however community pages etc, you can generally add data via HTML within the body content area.

As for anything JSON, that is most definitely a programmer task

Hi Steve,

You’ll be pleased to know that we recently added a feature to Renaissance that allows the addition of structured data without any additional programming.

You can read about it on our blog post about schema markup for real estate.

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I’m not seeing this on the backend of my Rennaisance site, is it custom work?

@EvanHarlow I’ll shoot you an email.

It’s not custom work no, it comes with the latest release.

Now if you “have” custom work that is blocking you from getting the latest release, you might need to book some hours. But often some (or all) of those hours can be made free by your account manager through our early renewal program. < This is exactly why that program was invented :slight_smile:

Jason is on top of it as always, thank you Morgan!

Glad to hear it! Wanted to make sure others had the answer too.

A lot of folks don’t know how the whole “upgrading if I have custom” process works, and that there are free credits available to do so through our renewals program.

BTW Evan, I know you’ve been scrolling through lots of threads (so great to see) hopefully you take advantage of some of the EPIC stuff coming out this summer too :wink: << Like the source management and budget attribution