Suggestion needed for Retainer Hours

Hi guys, I have a bunch of retainer hours that I need to use in the next month or so, and was hoping for some suggestions for upgrades/ work orders that you think would be worthwhile.

My website is:
Thanks in advance!


What a good ‘problem’ to have @glosing!
What do you think about some page speed optimization? There is room for improvement.

Another option is to have a designer do some ‘tidying up’. For example, giving this text a bit more breathing room would make a big difference visually.

@glosing I like Amy’s suggestion, as page speed is very important. Buyers aren’t very patient when it comes to how quickly the pages load on their desktop or mobile.

@JayPhee You can work with Jason on how to move forward on your retainer hours

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@glosing - Amy has given some great suggestions, thanks @AmyPye.

If you’re interested, this document also has some really cool ideas for CTAs and other common customizations: REW Common Customizations (1).pdf - Google Drive

It looks like we have a couple of months to get some work done, so I’ll send you an email and we can start putting a plan together.

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Not a suggestion but just wanted to say that your site is beautiful and now I want to move Ocean Ridge based on the photo alone!

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There are also several threads on this - example

Thank you all!

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