Summers over, time to get to work! (get ready for 2024 promo)

Hey there everyone - hope you’ve had an awesome summer (I know we did!)

We spent most of it heads down focused on building out REW Deals, which is EPIC! (Check out the screen below)

The first portion (some of the precursor features) launch next week, and then the full CRM upgrade / UI launches at the end of Sept. VERY EXCITING!

I image we will be getting a tonne of orders to upgrade to Renaissance / REW CRM as this rolls out.

On that note (orders) - it was quite a slow summer, not going to lie. Normally we’re sold out months in advance in most cases, but right now, we have an uncharacteristic amount of time available starting October (Sept for design and programming is sold out, but there is room in Sept for SEO).

So I’m going to do something different, I’m going to share our actual bookings sheet (see below)

What do the colors mean?

Red is Bad for you (good for us) means that person is sold out or past capacity,
Yellow is where we want them (comfortable and balanced)
Green is good for you (bad for us). (means we really need to sell some time into that group

So here’s what we’re going to do:

We’re going to run a promo (existing customers only) whereby you can grab some of these hours on the cheap as long as you can have a project ready to go for Oct or November (you can’t bank them, we want the work now).

How cheap:

$60 off any discipline that has hours below 60%
$40 off any discipline that has hours between 60-80%

So if you get in first (like right now) you could get a REALLY good deal on projects you’re likely already going to want to book anyway (such as upgrading to Renaissance or if on Renaissance and custom, upgrading to the latest backend).

So I can stay organized (this will sell out quickly) please post here how many hours (and of which type) you want and I’ll have someone put the order in. If you want to keep your number/type private, no problem, email me at morgan @ (no spaces) but also please post here that you emailed me.

Our AM (account management dept) is quite busy with renewals, so please don’t go to them for discounted hours, I or someone from the CE team will be happy to help facilitate.

This will probably only last the week - (next week) so please send your request early, once we’re booked to a comfortable capacity, pricing ends.


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This is great insight. Love the transparency @Morgan.