Team Leaders Introduction

Team Leaders, let’s connect!

My name is Renee Funk, I am the co-founder of The Funk Collection Team, in Orlando. Together with my husband Jeffrey Funk, we founded the Team in 2016.

Team Size:
14 Agents
1 T/C
1 Admin (Currently Hiring)

Website: - We have been REW Customers for nearly 6 years. In August 2019, Jeff and I traveled to Nanaimo to visit the REW Campus & spend time with the REW Team discussing the next generation of our website, which will launch January 2020.

Looking forward to meeting new connections!

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Cody Tritter with the Real Estate Partners at RE/MAX FIRST checking in!

Team Size:
8 Agents
2 ISA’s
1 Admin

Website: - REW customers for only one year, heavily focusing this site on organic SEO growth and brand recognition.

Renee which site template are you launching in 2020?

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