Testimonials Font Sizes

Hey guys, looking to put Testimonials on our home page but the size formatting is crazy. Any tips?


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Hello Jed,

Some customers use the #example-3col# or #example-4col# snippet to showcase their favourite testimonials on their homepage. These snippets are already created on your site and you can manipulate them to help suit your needs. You can change the verbiage and use different headings to help differentiate between the client name and the testimonial they wrote.

Some customers choose to purchase Design and Programming time to have an elevated element on their homepage to showcase their testimonials. Here are a couple of examples of a testimonial slider that our team has completed in the past:

I look forward to speaking with you on Thursday!

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Morgan had mentioned they were going to fix the huge text (which is different on each testimonial) on the testimonials page and I was going to bring it up again but keep forgetting. I’d also like to know when this is going to be fixed. Why can’t they be a more normal-sized text?

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Agreed! @Rebecca next release please (testimonials should be same font size as P tags.

Great suggestion! I will pass this along to the team.