Testimonials Tool questions and advice

Hi! I am working on a site upgrade and am wondering how people are best handling testimonials and reviews. I have been using the Testimonials Module but find it lacking:

  1. I think they should be in order from most recent. Years ago, on a previous site, I had that corrected with a work order, but it seems it should be a standard feature.
  2. I see in the new backend that we can assign them to an individual agent, but that is not effective. It ends up then showing one on the agent’s profile and then the link for more testimonials brings it to the entire group.
  3. A correction would be to be able to assign to an agent, and then on the agents bio page, a button linking to their testimonials in reverse order would be great.

For now it does not seem that this module is effective. What are others doing to showcase reviews and testimonials?
~Gloria Singer

Testimonials admittedly has not been a big focus for us (that module has not been touched in years) the reason being most folks tend to prefer integration of third party (Real Satisfied, Zillow Reviews etc) because they get the double hit of it being on their site, but also being out there on third party validated sites.

Example https://www.northroprealty.com/ (at the bottom) has integrated Zillow Reviews.

Thanks Morgan - It is obvious that module has not been touched! Unfortunately we collect reviews all over the place (Zillow, FB, Google, just written testimonials) so it would be nice to have a place to aggregate them all. I had seen what Northrop Realty did, but most of the other sites I have looked at don’t have any reviews being integrated at all.

What is REW’s roadmap for testimonials? We are using RealSatified, but cannot integrate with our website. I have seen a snipped code from RealSatisfied, however it looks everything but professional.