Testing landing page experience for adwords 2023 (Need Feedback!) Real Estate PPC Study

Hey there REW community!

We’re getting ready to make a BIG investment here at REW and we could really use your help and feedback. This will be especially of interest/value to REW PPC customers (and those running their own PPC).

Here’s what we’re doing:

Each year we gather data from hundreds of thousands of keywords, ads, etc, and our typical process is to evaluate, iterate, discover, make small changes etc.

But admittedly, this is mostly “in account” (changing around ads, phrases, match types) all that sort of stuff.

But when it comes to the landing page experience, we’ve traditionally sent traffic to 3 main types of pages:

A: Traditional areas pages: Like Carly’s Nanaimo Real Estate page.

B: Listings only pages: Such a page targeting Nanaimo Homes For Sale, that has a snippet set to Nanaimo Residential.

C: The IDX Search itself (pre-filled out with the appropriate criteria (so like search=Nanaimo, Type=residental Hasphoto=yes

What I’m looking to have the team do (and @Aayaam and @Emma will be helping with this) is do a contained study of the current performance of each of these landing page types against several different conditions. (Let’s reconfirm what IS working)

But also, I’m going to make an investment in testing new options/variations of landing pages to see if there are hidden gems we might consider.

Here is where we’ll start:

First, we’ll do an exhaustive review of top markets of the landing pages our competitors are using. Making notes of all of the things they have that we don’t (or what is different if they have the same thing but done in a different way).

I’ll give you an example: I really like our IDX search. How it is clean and click, has the map and you fly out the filters if you need them. (And it seems to work pretty well)

But what if we’re wrong? What if there is an even better way?

One of our biggest PPC competitors of ours for instance is Real Geeks (They do a LOT of PPC)

And they choose to go this route. (full list having to click to the map and refine). Is there anything to it? Could users prefer this? Who knows! (Let’s test it!)

Inside Real Estate (KVCORE) looks like this (doesn’t seem to be much there, but maybe there is something we can learn?)

There is even this crazy thing! (A multi-step form before you can even get to results). I HATE this experience. But could it be that it actually works? Maybe people think they are at the MLS?

We will look at Ylopo, Sierra, Chime, Boomtown and CINC as well.

So basically research all the landing page experiences, note the differences, and build-out versions of https://www.carlycarey.com (a live PPC client site) and split test / run campaigns against each one.

Each one would have a $500+ monthly budget (each page) so we could be effectively testing over a 90-day period.

So my first question is this - (this is where I need your help, please comment below) :point_down:t2:

Is there anything else (other than what we find with PPC competitors) you want us to test?

Do you have any examples of awesome pages you feel work really well on your REW sites?

Any competitors you look at and go “wow that site must convert really well because of x”

We’re staffing up here at REW and I’m going to have quite a lot of resources to throw at this, so if you have ideas, we’d love to hear them.

The benefit to you? Whatever we learn gets built into our campaigns (and into Renaissance), so you’re helping us, help you by making your site better.

I look forward to hearing your ideas, suggestions and requests.

Together we can make this product even better for everyone!

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Hey Morgan. This is such an exciting project!

Can you tell us a bit more about the setup / testing methodology?

Well, I sure can! (Glad you asked)

First, we have Emma doing an analysis of the top keywords in 2023 so far. (There are thousands of keywords / variations we have downloaded in a spreadsheet that are converting on average over 10%)

So that’s where we start: With what we already know are the BEST keywords.

Then we group the keywords into target groups for various landing pages (by area + type)

To give you an example: Homes vs Condos

Really good keywords are: “Nanaimo homes for sale”, Nanaimo Houses For Sale and “Nanaimo BC homes for sale” - All of these are area = Nanaimo, Type = residential (specifically houses)

So we would create many landing pages (as many as we want to test) and EACH of those landing pages would get it’s own “Ad Group”

Within an “Ad group” we would have the same list of keywords (his makes sure we’re targeting apples to apples when comparing traffic) and they would use the same ad copy, extensions etc.

So the difference between 1 ad and another in the “Nanaimo Homes” Ad group is only the landing page.

In this way, we can do a controlled test of which landing page performs better.

If you’re curious about some of the other settings, I’ll share that too!

For these tests, I would do “local” for Geo-targeting. That means I would ask Google to only show these tests to local users (by location) and I’d make sure to exclude any areas (basically the rest of the world) so I’m not getting searchers from China or Tulsa messing up my stats.

For Match Types, we would be testing out variations/combinations of all 3 major match types (broad match, phrase match, and exact match).

And then for bidding strategy, we would run various bidding strategies but keep them consistent for a period. For example - everyone would be set to “maximize conversions” at the same time. And the once you have enough conversions data, you could progress to “maximize conversions target CPA”

So we end up testing for / confirming:

Best landing page experience (highest converting)
Best bidding strategy
Best keywords
Best Match Type

All with the goal of helping Renaissance maintain it’s position as the best-performing real estate platform on the planet.

@Emma and I were down to 2,141 “best performing” keywords in our analysis earlier this week.

Our goal is to get down to a few hundred of the “best of the best” and kick off a test for April

How’s that list going Emma? :smiley:

It’s going great - there are some very interesting keywords in here and I am excited to see how they perform!

I’m just looking at the totals for the master list:

This is INSANE! We have nearly 3.7 MILLION keywords that have driven leads for us. Zoikes!!!

Also, if anyone is curious how they stack up against the “average” over a long period of time (all markets all keywords) - 6.5% is the average conversion rate. 95% of these accounts would be forced registration right away.

Just took a real-time snapshot as well, and it’s remarkably consistent at 6.58% (this is the average conversation rate “today”

I would be interested in participating. We are currently looking at some modifications to test as well.
How do I sign up?

Hello Christopher, thank you for your comment.

For phase 1, there isn’t really a planned “sign-up” process. I am planning on testing with (and risking) our $ and our sites" (not clients).

Of course, any quick wins we discover we will most certainly share with client PPC accounts immediately (those that are PPC accounts only).

For anything that ends up needing custom work (such as the development of new templates/landing pages) we would happily share the code for (as long as it’s Renaissance) as well as the results.

But you do bring up an interesting point - it would be better to test with more accounts than just our own.

But my thinking is/was that I’d still prefer to test on our own accounts first, so if there are any major duds, you don’t end up paying for them.

I searched your name in our list of PPC and don’t see it - is your account under a website or company name as opposed to Christopher Audet? Forgive me, I don’t think I’ve seen or consulted on your PPC account recently.

This sounds great but I don’t have any suggestions as I’m in a new state and don’t really know my ppc competition. I’ll start looking more (by copying their URL and pasting it vs. using their ad spend - wish other agents would do that for me). I’ve actually had agents register on my site and then when contacted they say they’re an agent. I try to nicely explain to them how PPC works but I’m not sure they get it. :unamused:

Hey Christopher, I think the first step is to get your sites (https://www.calgary-real-estate.com and https://www.real-estate.ca/) onto our amazing Renaissance platform.

Any testing or work that @Morgan completes would be on Renaissance. You can then fully utilize all the great suggestions Morgan provides on PPC or SEO.

Jason @JayPhee is your account manager and he will be happy to help in any way.