The holy grail is on the way! Source view! (Need your input)

Ok folks, I know I’ve been talking up source view and the new deals module a lot lately, but there is a method to my madness!

Let’s start with the goal - it’s as simple as anything gets, but a profound change in how CRM can help your business:

The goal: Measure and report your ROI on marketing accurately so you can make informed budgeting decisions.

Let’s start with a simple screenshot of a spreadsheet: (I imagine many of you have this, right?)

The idea is that we combine 2 things that now exist (source/budget attribution) with deal logging (soon to be upgraded to REW Deals)

When you have both sides of the equation, such tracking/reporting is possible.

When this is ready (and we’re fast tracking it) - you should be able to go to “source view” - and then similar to how you do agent reporting, you can choose a “timeline”

The timeline refers to when the leads were captured:

So let’s say I enter Jan-June 2022 (the first 6 months of last year)

If I’ve logged all my deals and spends for that timeframe, the system will automatically be able to spit out all of the most important details of that investment on one configurable screen.

Where I spent the money (ie Google Ads)
How many leads I got from that source in that timeframe
How much I spent in that timeframe on that specific source
How many deals I got from those leads (total deals) in that timeframe
How much volume I closed from that source in that timeframe
The total commissions earned from those deals (Before splits)
How many unique parties have I done deals with from those leads
My cost per lead
My cost per acquisition
My cost per deal
Total gross commission earned

See where I’m going with this? It’s absolutely SICK!!!

Those are all the things that exist right now!

But, what we’re thinking of adding (and this is where we’d love your input) is other fields for reporting such as

  • Time to first deal (how long does it take per source to close a deal)
  • Time to profitability (how long before a source becomes profitable)
  • Broker commission (fed from deals module)
  • Agent commission (fed from deals module)

Those are just some of the things - but imagine data mining even further!

How many calls does it take (on average) to close a Google lead vs a Facebook lead? (We could tell you that!) < Heck with the dialer, we could tell you how many “minutes” of calling you need to do for each source to close a deal.

How many texts do you need to send? How many emails?

It’s a marketer’s dream! (and an owners salvation)

So over to you - as we think about reporting “per lead source” what else do you want to see in your report? We’d love to hear it!

FYI, for those that want to start inputting your data “today” in anticipation of this report:

You must first have a fully upgraded (patched this past week) Renaissance website.

What you’re looking for is this: “Lead Sources” in setup

Then you setup your sources (like so)