This is a really great SEO tutorial. You should watch it (not spam heh)

I’ve been out here doing some consulting for and we got into some serious technical SEO discussions today. It’s what I REALLY love to do! (Especially with great customers like Rob Thomson).

Anyways, I digress.

After getting back from my meetings, I was on an SEO high, and really excited to start gathering some great resources for the WFPCC team so that they had not only what I was able to share with them but also some actionable SEO tutorials and resources to call on for other perspectives.

In my search for updated guides, I came across this beauty by Nathan Gotch of Gotch SEO (dude gets a backlink since this tutorial is EPIC!)

It’s not real estate specific, but it’s still really good when it comes to helping you think about some of the things you can be doing to improve your SEO.

Now go splinter your content will ya! (And don’t forget to link to Nathan and his tutorial if you find value, and of course (I’m not above begging for links heh).

Seriously though. Watch it. Get better at SEO.

It’s that simple!


I need to some new strategy of off page SEO?