Top 5-10 subjects for buyers (need input) - REW Deals Module

Hey everyone, as we get closer to launching the beta of “REW Deals” - it’s time for us to start gathering user input.

In this thread, I’d like to ask our members what the top 5 or 10 subjects in your market (most common)

Note, this is on the “buy side” of the transaction (we also have sell and lease)

The reason I ask is we are going to pre-populate the most common subjects in a dropdown in the new deals module, so I want to make sure they are ones everyone likely will need.

The cool thing about the system though is that you can also write in anything you want. So subjects can be anything.

We also support quick notes (similar to how they work in leads) so you can provide an update or reminder to yourself on specific subjects.

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Hi all! in our area some of the conditions we use are subject to title and subject to insurance.

Earnest money delivery and appraisal.

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Keep renting till rates or prices go down?

Will there be the ability to create ‘checklists’ that agents can load up for this, or customize what Subjects are shown by default for each new deal, based on if it is a buy/sell/lease? Can the pipeline also be customized on a per-organization basis or is it one-size-fits-all pipeline every REW customer gets the same?

Will this be a permission-based module like the Intranet (i.e. if we don’t give permission the agents don’t see it)?

Very interested in more about this!

Great ones, thanks Judy!

Hey buddy! Been a minute!

In this scenario they are actually in the “buy” category and have made an offer that has been accepted, so no not sure this one works. We’re looking for “subjects” (those that need to be removed to ratify the deal) if that makes sense.

Hope things are well in NY!

Phase 1, we’re pre-populating (hard coding) the default subject lists, but it already supports putting whatever you want in addition to those.

Phase 2, we have definitely discussed (and I love the idea) of allowing users to edit/save their own default lists for convenience. Great comment!

Same as above, in phase 1 for expediency, we’re having one size fits all “for now” - however the option to explore your own pipeline phases is in the discussion. This one is a bit more complex though, since pipeline phases can be complex and there may be dependencies, so we’d need to code a “builder”.

Not impossible, but a lot more work. We’ll have to take a look at adoption before diving too far into this specific use case. But again, I really like the idea.

I had not really considered this to be honest - the ability to log deals is critical for every agent, so not sure why we would ever not allow this feature.

Also, it’s kind of engaged in lots of places (reports, lead details pages etc) and leads to some REALLY cool reports we’ll be developing. So complete data is important.

Those reports btw?

They will be able to tell you exactly what your ROI is down to the agent split on specific lead sources.

Game changer!

Love this. @Morgan my wife and I were just talking about this! Can there be a customer facing tracker? Just watched how dominos starting killing it after the pizza tracker. I’m thinking the pizza tracker of a real estate deal. Then the client knows exactly where things sit with a simple online tracker.

@Morgan my wife just said the platform wouldn’t actually have to pay out, but having a final disbursement page showing agent commission to be paid. Then each brokerage just uses their own books to pay out but nice to have it showing for the agent to see what’s coming.

Looks good! Took me a minute to figure out Subjects seems to mean “subject to xyz”. In our area we use the term contingencies.

Here are the typical contingencies we have for a buy side deal (in rough order of how often they’re used). We would typically say we waived, cleared, or failed these items:

  • Earnest money deposit due/received

  • Seller’s property disclosure statement review period

  • Finance contingency period

  • Appraisal contingency period

  • Property Inspection contingency period

  • Title insurance contingency period

  • Lead based paint contingency period

  • Septic system contingency period

  • Condo declaration/resale certificate review period

  • Home Owner Association review period

  • Property Information verification period

  • Sale of buyers existing property contingency period

Awesome feedback! (On contingencies as well!)

Do other people use subjects or contingencies in their areas?