Touch Frequency/ Form Of Notification

@Morgan Is there a way to create some sort of drip system, and attach to each lead that will notify you when to call, and that will notify you via text or phone notification, other than email? I know you can go into each lead and set a task, and it will email you a reminder, but you can’t set a plan that will re-occur, and for busier agents, it would be nice to be reminded different ways, other than email. Maybe altering the action plans to be more in-depth?

Hello Daven - there are action plans but they don’t notify you via phone or text - the reason for this is you would be overloaded VERY quickly (some action plans have several items per day, and then compound that by hundreds of leads). It would destroy your phone and make you hate your system, trust me :slight_smile:

As such notifications are in CRM only.

You can however set specific reminders via the calendar I think (I would have to ask @Rebecca or someone from CSM) - and those can notify you via email.

Hope that helps

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Appreciate your suggestion and feedback

Just confirming that Morgan is right, you can add events in the calendar or in the events tab in the lead profile to set reminders which will be sent to you by email when the event is due.