Training for a New User

Is there a good place to get training on the website setup? I find all the bits of information but being brand new, I need to start from the basics and get my page set the way I would like.

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Hi Megan,

Have you looked through our REW Academy? It has great webinars for working on your site.

Please let me know if you need logins

Was there anything specific you were looking to start with?

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That is exactly what I need! Thank you!!!


Happy to help. If you have any specific questions please reach out to our support team

1-877-753-9893 or

@Kyle’s the man!


REW provides consulting services to build custom pages. I think they charge about $200 per hour…



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Kyle, when I go to the REW Academy it just keeps looping - I see there is a Library area but I can’t get to it. I thought the Academy was a paid feature.

Megan, I have used this -
Hit the REW CRM Version 4.0 and Up and you’ll get a choice of articles/tutorials.
On the main page there is also a Videos section.

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I sent a message to support because I can not seem to log in.

@Megan and @judyorr

Judy please try going to the Academy again you should be able to get logged in to go through the content.

Megan, you should see an email soon with your profile information for the academy

Here is a link to some great videos on our Youtube Channel

click the menu in the top right to see all of the videos in this playlist
2023-04-17 11_50_27-Window

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Thanks Kyle, I gave up trying since I thought it was only a paid feature. It worked this time.

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This is not correct. We provide free concierge (CSM) time for all new customers. If however you need to book additional time after your onboarding you can book private concierge time at $100 per hour.

When you’re new you get free CSM for a period of time.

Feel free to book a walkthrough

Thanks @Morgan.

I think this is a good time to talk more about our concierge services but it needs to come from ‘The Man, The Myth, The Legend’ for Concierge @Kyle :grin:

Thanks for the intro @MariaG
(straightens tie, clears throat, takes a sip of water, checks microphone)

Concierge is a great resource for any of our clients. So many different ways to use this service.

Some clients use the service to learn how to do things themselves, I had the pleasure of working with Crystal and Didiayer on @CrystalAnderson

Some clients just don’t have the time to get the content they have up on the site, Jay and I worked together from the very beginning of his site @jaybanerjei

Some clients connect with their implementation/ concierge person and buy hours to continue working with them as they build out the site, @hannawolff got to work with Kim on her new site when Kim made the decision to take the new site live, and needed help with formatting. @kim.blanton

These are just a few examples of some of the awesome work our team has been part of.

This is a great way for your site to continue to grow while you are out meeting with clients and following up on leads, you know doing that realtor stuff.

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