Updated Auto Generated Saved Searches! (you should turn them on)

How many of you are using the “auto-generated saved searches” function at REW?

As we roll out the new REW CRM, we’ll be doing a major update to the algorithm so that even more of your leads automatically get subscribed to saved searches once they meet the right conditions (and assuming they have not opted out)

Why is this awesome?

It means your leads will automatically be on one of the most powerful drips possible, a saved search with property updates.

It’s yet another set-it-and-forget-it feature that helps you stay in front of your prospects that delivers extremely valuable content to them on an ongoing basis.

It’s already a “thing” on all REW websites, but if you upgrade to #Renaissance and the new REW CRM you will also get the upgraded algorithm which will result in a lot more leads automatically on saved searches.