Updating permissions / creating some new features for REW CRM

I am about to make a request to @Rebecca and @Aayaam (this is an official request for next release if there is room) for a new permission for REW CRM.

Since I’m here I thought I’d open up a discussion with your members about other possible permissions.

First let’s start with my request:

Currently (even as admin) you cannot see past history items (such as logged calls) - I think this is a system gap (and is quite annoying when you transfer leads to not be able to see the past history).

What I would like is for lead permissions (screen below) to have a checkbox that says something like “can view all communications” or something like that. It would be off by default but could be turned on for admins, ISA’s etc if a company chose to (like we would).

Also for super admin, super admin should always be able to see everything in the system anyways.

What do the members think? Anything else that you think could be added/improved for permissions that we should consider?


Thank you for addressing this! We have been working closely with our account managers on this (shout out to Jeff and Laura, theyre amazing!) As we just transferred a ton of leads around.

We cant see past logged calls, emails or notes unless the notes were changed to “notes visible to everyone” then we can see those.

My thoughts:

  1. Super admins should be able to see all
  2. I love the option in permissions for other admins and agents of our choosing
  3. I feel like the agent the lead is currently assigned to should be able to see all of this once its transferred.

Thanks again!
Jaclyn Kelley
Better Homes and Gardens RE Destinations
Key Largo, FL

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@Morgan I agree with @Jaclyn. Super admins should be able to see everything and also if we transfer a lead to another agent, that new assigned agent should be able to see the past history if the super admin gives permission.
As an example, I typically send an email out to a lead first if they have requested more information or if they have asked for one of my e-Books. I introduce myself, attach the e-Book and state that I will have “agent” get in touch with you, Then I assign that lead to one of my agents. The problem is, the agent can not see that I had any contact with this lead or sent this person an e-Book. I think the solution would be just as you have suggested, a simple toggle to allow us to choose if we want the entire history to follow with the lead assignment. Thanks!

Agreed! Let’s do it!