Upload an image to use in a CMS snippet

In order to use an image in a CMS snippet, you must first upload the image your wish to use. Here is how to do it.

  1. To begin, open your Homepage (or any other content page) in the backend of your site.
    Once you have the page open, click on the Insert/edit Image button in the main content window.

  1. A new Insert/edit Image pop-up window will open. In the new window click the File Manager icon to the right of the Source field as shown.

  1. This will open the MoxieManager, which stores all your uploaded content. Click the Upload button to open the uploader.

  1. A new Upload pop-up window will open. You can now drag and drop your image into the outlined box or click on the Add files button to open the file manager on your computer so you can browse for the image you wish to upload.


  1. Next click on the Upload button to confirm the upload of the selected file.


  1. Your image will now upload. This may take a moment depending on the size of the file. Once the upload reaches 100% click on the Close button.


  1. You will now be taken back to the MoxieManager and your uploaded image will be selected with a checkmark beside the filename. Now click the Insert button.

  1. You will now find yourself back on the Insert/edit image pop-up window, only now the Source field will be populated with the file path to your uploaded image.
    Copy the content of the Source field to use in the image source of your snippet and then click Cancel so that you don’t upload the image to your content page.


  1. Now you are ready to update your snippet with the path to your newly uploaded image.

Don’t forget to add ALT text with a brief description of your image!


Can you post source code for this snippet on homepage? Deleted by accident.

You should be able to steal it from here https://rendemo.rewdev.com let your AM know if you need extra help.

Thanks Morgan… meant to update thread, AM Jason took care of it. Appreciate follow up.