Using AI generated content when SEO doesn't matter

Does google penalize AI content?

According to Google: Not if that content is helpful and designed primarily for users.

So, putting SEO aside. What are some “user-first” applications of AI writing tools?

AI content can benefit users through improved readability, speed, and appropriate style.

Let’s focus on the first of those…

Readabilty: A key factor in good user experience is whether the text on your site is easy to read. Is the grammar and writing of decent quality, is it relatively concise and punchy, is it in a language that your readers understand? AI can handle all of these…

Take a look at this (fictional) agent bio:

Needs some work! I asked ChatGPT to clean it up, with a few specifications, and I got this:
It’s shorter, more professional, and has fewer errors.

And now in French:
Is that a good translation? I have no idea…let me know in the comments below :sweat_smile:

As you can see, AI tools can be invaluable for improving the readability of your site, which in turn improves the user experience. This is valuable to your site independent of its effects on search ranking, although well-implemented AI content can be good for SEO too.

We’ve already mentioned the time-saving capabilities for writing things like listings and emails. But what else? Where can you benefit from enhancing your writing purely for the benefit of site users and clients?

According to Google’s guidelines, AI-generated content that is designed primarily for users and is helpful, does not incur any penalties.

That being said, let’s put SEO aside for a moment and consider how AI writing tools can benefit real estate clients and buyers. One application of AI writing tools is improving the readability of property descriptions and real estate listings. Good grammar, concise writing, and appropriate style are essential for a positive user experience when browsing properties. AI can handle these aspects of writing and create descriptions that are professional, succinct, and error-free.

For example, an AI-generated bio of a real estate agent could be more effective than a poorly written one, conveying the agent’s expertise and personality in a concise and engaging manner. Similarly, AI writing tools can be used to generate personalized property recommendations and summaries of complex real estate information, such as market trends, zoning regulations, and financing options.

Another way in which AI content can benefit real estate clients is through generating unique and compelling property descriptions for each listing. By analyzing data such as location, property features, and customer reviews, AI can create descriptions that are tailored to the specific property, making it more attractive to potential buyers. This not only improves the user experience but also has the potential to increase engagement and sales.

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