Using REWPert AI For Google Adwords - going to create an entire campaign with him!

I just had a crazy idea! I wonder if I can create an entire Google Adwords campaign using only REWPert AI! (Our ChatGPT, Open AI Robot)

I mean, I’m pretty sure he can do it!

REWPert, do the keyword thing!

Aight, I hate having to write descriptions for ad groups. Do that for me too!

And those headlines for Dynamic Search Ads? (I have to write 15 of them?)

One thing I did notice, lil guy does struggle a little bit always counting his characters @AidanC @REW.Michael we’ll have to see if we can’t get him GPT 4 upgrade and see if that helps :

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Needs to be local - so let’s have a negative locations list shall we?

No traffic outside of Canada - (copy / paste boom!)

This is just stupid easy!

I’ve been doing this using the free version of chatgpt. It’s great fun! Oh and then you do a bulk import into canva to create the social posts :slight_smile:


Can you elaborate on your Canva process? @DeniseBrownWhistler

REWpert - so now you don’t mind us saying REW (RU) vs R. E. W. Yay! Cause I’ve always said RU.


Bahahahahah not do fast Judy. It will always be



Double you!!

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I will record you a video

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Awesome thanks!

Here’s the video I learned from. It’s quicker if I share this first. Video

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This is amazeballs! @AmyPye @AidanC check it!

Woah. I’m trying this right now.

*edit. Ok, not right now. Our IT guy has to let me add the extension. :joy: But I’ll share the results when I have them!

Ok, this is cool. Thanks for sharing @DeniseBrownWhistler!