Video Gallery - Netflix style layout for videos! Let's build it!

Hey @Aayaam my good buddy @Pozek reminded me of an idea we had last year.

Build a new layout page for videos “Netflix style”.

We did actually build it (we use it at Videos For REW Academy -) but we never actually productized it.

Ken reached out reminding me he’d love to have it on his site, and I said “no problem” steal the markup and just have your retainer team implement.

But then I thought about it… @Carly has awesome videos too! (we want this as well)

So we can probably save Ken, and everyone else time and $ having their retainer teams copy that code, and just build it into Renaissance.

So @Rebecca let’s do it!

Scope = implement markup (snippets) into base Renaissance install so customers can create awesome video carousels please.

Feel free to use Carly’s site (and Ken’s) to test :slight_smile:

Must support Youtube and Vimeo code


That’s awesome! Feel free to do that with some of the other cool features that Carly has on her site :wink: so I can implement them on our teams new renaissance site!


Love this & totally in to test it

I like this idea ~ Smart!

Hi Morgan, will you create a snippet and make it available to everyone or will it be a video page?

The way I understand it, it’s custom CSS and markup - so we’ll need to “productive” that (make that javascript and CSS available in Renaissance default) and then we would give you a sample snippet (which you could put anywhere).

There will likely be 2 releases (70-100 days) to get this in and tested from an ETA perspective (there are launch activities ahead of this)

Anyone who doesn’t want to wait can always book custom time and steal that code from and then implement faster if they want as well :slight_smile: