Vision Hybrid feature correction

I’ve found what I think was a planned feature on the Vision Hybrid sites, but didn’t quite deliver.
When creating a new Page, the backend allows you to select 2 different formats: Cover Page or Content Page.

If you select the Cover Page, the actual result is quite different than the example image. If I wanted to place an H1 title on the page, in the middle of the uploaded picture (as the layout image suggests), I’d be required to also have the search bar on the page. Having the search bar doesn’t make usability sense, because it’s not limited to the specific page results. I can upload the picture, but once you choose to not have the search bar, I lose the functions of being able to title the landing page. Example here:
Is this a feature that can be corrected by REW for all us Hybrid owners?

Hi Brad!

The image used for the cover page is different, than what you get I see. I’ll ask @Aayaam to see if we should update that to reflect the correct look of the layout.

If you wanted to place the H1 on the page, over the photo, you would have to use the option that comes with the search bar. Sounds like an option to have the text but not the search bar would be preferable.

What I can tell our options to move forward with this would be to:

  • Work with our sales team to customize the product.
  • Capture it as a suggestion to possibly add to a future version.

I’ve tagged @Jeffrey to discuss the customizations, and @Aayaam to capture suggestion.


Hey Aaron, I’m trying to stay away from customizations as one of the main sales pitches to move over to the new backend / newer site was the eligibility for constant updates and improvements as they become available. Shouldn’t this just be an update that is made to all Hybrid sites to make this feature usable as originally intended?

@Bofficer Hi Brad, I have captured this suggestion for our next R&D discussion. Thanks for the feedback!

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