Watchlist in new CRM

I am brand new to REW and just starting the build out of my site this week. I’ve watched a bunch of videos and read through this forum where there were talks from two years ago about a product called watchlist. That thread mentioned it would roll out soon…is that something that is going to be rolling out in the new CRM or is that available now and I’m missing it?

Hello Andy, I think that project (an updated CMA product) was paused during COVID and has not been picked back up yet. It was not a CRM element, it was a front-end CMA element. There is no known pick up date for that feature at this point.

It’d be a lot cooler if you did! That’s a great feature to keep past clients/SOI engaged with our website and informed on what’s going on in their neighborhood. I’ll speak to my AM about having something custom built.

For what it’s worth, our brokerage use Renaissance + Cloud CMA, they do not speak to each other but it is simple to get information from the CRM exported and over to Cloud CMA for automated home value followups. For CMA’s themselves, it is quick to create for either digital or print.

It’s not so much home value that I’m trying to provide, although that’s an added plus. There are many sources where you can spit out an automated home value I can plug past clients into and we already do that.

I would want to send a market report that showed the recent closed/pending/active listings on our website in a well-designed eye-catching way. Everyone likes to look at houses, so I would want something where the client can physically see the pictures of the comps and active listings in their neighborhood. Getting them re-engaged with the website is a good opportunity to reach out. Similar to this:[]=Residential&search_type[]=Condominium

This was a great potential feature for all clients, at least how it was talked about in the forum back in 2020 and advertised on the REW YouTube channel New Product: Watch List | Real Estate Webmasters - YouTube. Not sure why this would not be a product to bring to everyone

Don’t disagree with you at all Andy :slight_smile: It’s a great product (and watching that video reminds me how excited I was to launch it), as mentioned, the challenge was Covid, and now that we’re pretty much past that, we have a pretty long list of awesome features backed up. And so we’re clearing that backlog as fast as possible.

The reason Watch list was not picked is demand - a few folks thought it was cool, but it was not something the masses were breaking down our door for. That would be compared to say CRM features where a large % of our customer base is asking for it (say a dialer, more automation, adoption tracking at the brokerage level etc)

We try to do our best to prioritize what we perceive or track the most clients are asking for, but there does tend to be an emphasis on the larger account voices since they have so much more data (some of our customers have thousands of agents giving them feedback) and obviously if something is good for everyone (but especially good for enterprise accounts) it makes sense for us to go there first.

The good news is - most things larger or enterprise customers want, all of our customers want :slight_smile:

Appreciate you bringing this back, I’ll speak with @Aayaam and see if we can’t review it’s status. No promises on timeline at this point, but I want you to know we see you, and appreciate your advocacy.

Getting people to reengage with the website and keeping it the hub of information (vs going to Zillow for other sites) is huge. Not sure how others can’t see that, but it’s really important.

Just curious, is this list of backlogged features potentially public (with anticipated timeframes)?

No, our backlog is not public (since it’s in constant flux) we most definitely know (and I often discuss on my social or on the forums) the “approved” items. But those not yet approved for resource deployment we don’t publish timelines etc.

FYI, the rest of 2022, is all REW CRM.
August Launch - new REW CRM (In beta) has query engine, custom views mode, new automation etc
Rest of 2022 - (release TBD) REW Dialer, New Agent Display (reporting and data mining for admins, team leaders and brokerages) as well as new listing display (reporting and data mining on listings).

Other features currently having resources deployed
Early stage - new custom routing engine, allowing for far more complex lead routing rules for agents (examples on price points, scores, areas etc)
Early stage - company intranet (more for teams and brokers) a complete intranet for resource access, storage, etc
Early stage - (very early) automation engine (if / then) create things like "If property viewed x times, then email agent)

That will take us past 2022 in all likelihood, but gives you an idea of what we’re up to (there is a lot more, many minor things) but those are the “big ones”

As for this part of the quote - I don’t think you’ll find anyone who will disagree with you. It’s a great feature.

As are all the other features on the backlog - hence the challenge of priority (we can’t do everything all at once) which is why we constantly poll our customers, speak to our account managers, dive deep with our enterprise customers etc so we can guide our resource deployment.

Keep up the suggestions, they are always appreciated