What are the best adwords keywords for real estate

For those of you who have experience with Google adwords for real estate and have tracked results to close. What would you say are the best keywords and why?

Personally I prefer long tail keywords that also have intent such as “small neighbourhood homes for sale under x price” because they are extremely targeted, you can really dial in the quality score, and because it’s a lot of work to target them, there is not a lot of bidding competition, thus the cost per click is low

The downsides are of course: They are a lot of work and there is a low traffic volume.

So what does your best adwords list look like?

I do still run straight keyword ads, but a lot fewer of them. I’ve built out a dynamic campaign that has been rocking, so I’ve been pulling budget down on others and cranking that one up. If you’ve taken the time to build out content, it’s a killer way to cover long tail options without having to build out display ads.

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Great share Stacey. What is your website?

It’s bloomtreerealty.com :slight_smile:

Checked it out. You seem to have some broken pages (attached) at least in Chrome.

You will probably do even better if you fix up some of those issues.

What is your CPL if you don’t mind me asking. I see you’re also not using forced registration.

Also seems broken in Safari, if you’re sending PPC traffic there, might want to send a support ticket in.

Hi Stacy, I also find search dynamic ads the best lead provider. I’ve tried display and though it gives higher impressions results in Clicks and registrations did not improve. Analytics showed it decreased my search ad performance as well in a negative way.
Question:In PPC I am finding high results in specific Condos and neighbourhoods rather than consistency across all pages with similar landing pages in tact. In creating dynamic ads how to capitalize on a broader range of neighbourhoods and Condos.