What are you favorite (non-custom) REW features

REW is very basic unless you are willing to pay for custom work. I’m curious, what are your favorite perks they have that are not custom work?

I’ll go first! I think their IDX search is spot on with pulling accurate properties as opposed to other sites I’ve paid for and used.

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My favorite part is the flexibility with the sites where you can add your own content and style it how you like. So it allows those savvy agents to be able to design CTA’s and edit the HTML for the Navigation / Content and footer areas. And if you are an agent that doesn’t dabble in the HTML / CSS then you don’t need to as our Customer Success managers will help you set up your site set up!

The different forced registration options are great as well and you can decide which of the search options you’d like to display on your search page.

I’m pretty excited about what’s up and coming for next year as well. REWCRM is steadily adding new features on each release, so I’m excited to see these things like the Gmail integration come to life!



Great feedback! What’s your site? I’d love to check out what you’ve done!

Hi Matt,

I should have mentioned I work at REW. I do manage these sites though:


No customizations on those sites! :smile:

My favourite new feature is the adoption engine. Tells you visually what it is you have and have not done with your leads.

My NEW NEW favourite feature (that only I have) is the integrated Gmail + CRM feature. Now I can send and receive via the CRM and replies come directly back to the CRM as well. Not only that, all communications automatically sync with Gmail so when I send from Gmail, it’s still in the CRM etc.

It’s VERY slick!

Posted about it here too :slight_smile: https://www.facebook.com/morgandavidcarey/posts/10158300792105931


On the site side of things: Integrated IDX listings into communities page is a cornerstone feature as massively useful for long tail targeting. But one of the lesser known features is the “IDX Builder” that allows you to custom create your own default MLS search for many options. Turn features on or off, move them around etc. It’s very helpful.

Does it have to be gmail. I use go daddy.

The feature I described is specific to Google / Gsuite.

When do you think this will be available for email accounts like go daddy?

it’s a Gmail specific feature so this exact implementation would not work for basic pop3 services. The next logical application to explore is Microsoft as between the 2 theY cover the vast majority of all email providers.

I’ll pose the question when the next email applications are being looked (which will be later in 2020) for now Gmail is where we’ll be testing / hardening this

Is this available now?

Do you mean the Gsuite integration? It’s in final testing should be out next release.

Yes. Thanks Morgan.