What Does Google Look Out For In Its Helpful Content Updates?

Hey everyone, it’s Julida here with an update on what to look out for on Google’s process of determining SERP rankings in 2023 and how this may benefit your site.

As you know, SEO standards and practices are constantly changing and updating. In a world with such a quickly evolving digital space, it only makes sense that new updates need to be made to keep up with the times.

Since Google’s new Link Spam Update which focuses on neutralizing the impact of unnatural, or paid, links on search results, has released last month, many are wondering what the guidelines of Google’s Helpful Content Update actually looks like.

Here are just a few key points to look out for the update algorithm which works to ultimately assess each website with a few determining factors to deem the content helpful or unhelpful – thereby producing your site’s ranking on search results.

  • Writing for a Targeted Audience - Rather Than Traffic Targeting

  • Checking the Time Users Spend On A Webpage

  • Title of Page & Content Not Matching Up (Clickbait Targeted)

  • Purely AI Created Content

  • Character Count Or Keyword Stuffing

We’ll soon be releasing a blog post expanding on more of these guidelines. But for now, what do you think about Google’s Helpful Content Update? Is following these steps the key to increasing your rankings on SERPs?

Comment down below on your thoughts or any questions on expanding on any of these points and I’d be more than happy to answer.