What does it take to be top 5% in your market?

Obviously markets vary from city to city, but for your market what does it take (volume / units) to be considered a top 5% agent?

Here in Nanaimo, my guess is $15M+ in volume 30+ units.

Please share your market with your answer.

$800 million in sales

Just kidding. Will check and post.

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For a brokerage maybe? Agent is probably like $20M in Sarasota, no?

The Arizona Regional MLS (Phoenix Metro) has 44,000 members. So top 5% is the top 2200 agents. That is around $6mil in production over last 12 months.

To Make it in the top 1% you need $13mil.
To make it in the Top 250 you need $18mil.
To make it in the top 100 you need $28mil.

Average sales price around $330,000.

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Wow that is some great data Dane, thank you!

What’s typical commish down that part of the woods? 2.5% a side sort of thing?

6% is still common here, but starting to go lower. Which is surprising that even as the launching point for so many “disruptors” we haven’t seen the commission compression being seen in other markets.

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