What does "SEO description for real estate agent" mean?

Looking through our Search Console data, I came across this search term: “SEO description for real estate agent

Now, as any SEO will tell you, it’s important to understand the intent behind a search term/keyword so you can more effectively craft content that caters to it.

But what is the intent behind this particular phrase? It seems ambiguous to me!

As far as I can tell, there are three possibilities:

A) “I am looking for information on how to write an SEO-friendly description OF a real estate agent”
B) “I want an explanation of what SEO is for real estate or real estate agents”
C) “I forgot/don’t know the term ‘meta description’, but I’m looking for information on those for real estate”

Now one of the easiest ways to check intent is to do a search using the keyword and see what comes up.

But again we get ambiguous results. Above the fold I see REW’s page about meta descriptions (intent C), a People Also Ask entry about SEO for real estate agents (intent B) AND a PAA entry with the question “How do you write a good description of a real estate agent?” (intent A).

So which is it? Which intent do you think is most accurate for what’s behind this search query?

This is way to ambiguous to me as well.

Intent to me would be either A or B. I think if they were looking for meta description, it would be part of the search.

It is! It’s the top result (for me at least) … but it’s strange because my first impression is that that’s a mistake.

Really doesn’t make sense does it - what blogs my mind is just how many grammatically incorrect or illogical searches come up (in high volume) in search console.

I mean - “SEO description for real estate agent”? seems like half a search query to be honest.

So, if you’re not sure what question people are asking, try to answer it anyway?

We already have pages addressing meta-descriptions and descriptions OF SEO for real estate.

Now we also have a page dedicated to SEO-friendly descriptions for various aspects of real estate marketing.

I think it’s relatively comprehensive AND has some FAQ schema implemented, so I’m optimistic about its ability to rank.

Although I am interested to see what kind of search activity it picks up and also how it interacts with, say, our page about meta-descriptions (now that Google has an alternative option, which search terms will trigger which pages?).

Now the hard part…waiting.

@AidanC Thanks for sharing that blog post about SEO company descriptions. It made me realize we haven’t looked at ours in years. Your example description below shows me that ours is more fluff rather than quantifiable successes that actually benefit a client. I’m going to research our stats and do a rewrite!

With an average sales price 10% above market value and a 98% client retention rate, XYZ Realty consistently tops sales numbers and customer satisfaction reviews for Springfield real estate. At XYZ Realty, we prioritize transparency, integrity, and open communication. That’s why we offer a 24-Hour Quick Response Guarantee and an exclusive Property-Match service. On top of that we also provide:

Hi Victor

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you found the post helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

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