What is real estate CRM to you?

There is a lot of discussion about what makes a true real estate CRM. There is this whole debate that “lead management systems” are not CRM and “customer relationship managers” are not lead managers.

At REW we believe we can combine the best of both worlds, but I’m interested. What is a real estate CRM to you and why?

The problem with lead systems is they focus on obtaining and converting the lead but not taking care of the client after the sale. That’s where they all fall short.


Agreed, it’s a different purpose.

So what would you say the top 3 functions of a “CRM” are, and why?

I believe a good CRM has the ability to remind you of important dates. ie: Birthday, purchase Anniversary, etc.
the new platform let’s us add those fields now, yay!
I am working on action plans to assign to past clients to help my agent be able to keep in touch better with their past clients.

Yes you’re right Kcusick Phase 1 does allow custom date fields (so now we can store this data) and has new event logging (to create custom reminders). What it doesn’t have “yet” is “repeat” function (like remind me every year). It’s definitely on the roadmap though.

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Actually you know what might be cool? If we created a list of really important dates and made them quick links (kind of like Facebook does) where you could see on the left bar “Today’s birthday” for instance


What other date based items (repeat items) would be important enough to justify a space in the main nav do you think?

I guess we could do this with custom searches sidebar (which is coming hopefully before 2020)


Yes!! Birthdays, purchase anniversary, wedding anniversary

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Purchase anniversary! Love it! (though we might also want to tie that to our transaction management / opportunities engine that we’re building also.

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You hit the nail not the head with the “like Facebook” example…I’ve been saying this for years. If a CRM was more like Facebook and reminded agents or at least helped keep agents informed of the important touches (and why) and life events of their sphere…we’d see a huge change in the attrition rates of closed clients.

Mr Bokros! Welcome the forums! (Or rather welcome BACK to the forums :slight_smile:

Great to have you my man! Thanks for the awesome initial post. Great comments. Would love to hear more about the features you think a great CRM should have. We’re just launching this version and jumping right back into R & D for the next one, so all the feedback you can give us greatly appreciated.

Trying to figure out why we are not getting the upgrade on our autonomous site after we were advised we would have it by end of Oct, support is now telling me we don’t qualify?

There was a go / no go decision that delayed a few weeks but patches should be happening now. What do you mean support says you don’t qualify? Can you DM me their message, that doesn’t sound right, you don’t have any custom work done do you?

Good day! Has this been addressed?

Has CRM question: why is there no “Business” or “Trades” or something along that line under Prospect Type when adding a new Contact? I want to be able to add colleagues, lawyers, trades, etc into my CRM. If I’m missing something let me know…(yes I know they can be added into a Group but there should be the option under Prospect Type.)

ALSO: there’s no spot to put a house sale/purchase anniversary date in there or to input the proper birth date year (unless you scroll all the way back through the monthly blocks) and it only allows you to add 1 birthday.

On the “Trades” comment, I am not sure “prospect type” even exists, so I am unsure what section you are speaking of. While I do know that many people use CRM for many use cases outside the CORE, this CRM is meant for use in the conversion of buyers, sellers and renters (leads to customers) and then making sure you can keep in touch with past clients. Managing trade relationships is not really a trade relationship we have focused on.

Also you can create your own custom fields now (including date fields) so you can put House anniversary date as a field (note they are not searchable “yet” but that is on the roadmap)

Create field.

View / add data

Yes that’s amazing @Morgan, Its crucial to have a CRM for our past clients. So an IMPORTANT DATES on the left bar would be very nice, but also a notification in our emails as well. IMPORTANTS DATE; Anniversary, Date of Purchase, Date of Selling. 70-80% of my business comes from my own circle of clients, referrals. So yes its super important to have a great CRM for new clients, but also super important to maintain a great relationship with past HAPPY CLIENTS.

I great CRM to me is very user friendly, mobile app, tracks what properties clients have seen, sends me reminders to follow up with specific clients.
Also a CRM with the ability to sync with other apps and companies such as google, dotloop etc…


New topic Morgan, I can’t find where to sort on the CRM leads by date, alpha etc

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Then you’ll see at the top right, the + New Topic button. Click that and you can start a topic.

Try to make your title descriptive so members know what it’s about (helps for our SEO too)

As per your question, I started a thread for you, it’s right here: How to sort data in REW's Real Estate CRM (views manager)

Hope that helps!

I would ask though, that you don’t start threads with @Morgan since that will discourage other members from replying as they will think it’s a direct question for me (and obviously I can’t be answering all the questions heh)

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