What will REWPert's Application Be?

@Morgan what will the application be for us as users when REWPert is released? My guess is that we will be using this to create content? Would love to hear more about what your plans are for REWPert. Thanks!


Very curious too. I would love it if REWpert were loaded with all the REW Support info. Then you could ask how to edit a setting or feature that’s buried in the backend. For instance, “Where do I edit the message in saved search emails?” or “Where do I enter my Google Analytics number?” Then it gives you the link direct to the relevant backend page. It’s easy to forget whether a setting is in Settings, Preferences, CRM Tools, Content Tools, etc.

Also asking it how-to’s “How do I upload a photo to a blog post?” And it pulls up the directions. “What is the size for header images?” and it pulls up the answer. Looking forward to REWpert!


Yes I’m definitely interested in learning more about REWpert!

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Great question!

There are a lot of potential implementations of REWPert, some of which we are still waiting on “direct data access” (meaning the ability to build plugins to data sets such as listings, CRM etc)

In the meantime, what we “already” use REWPert for (and this will likely be the first use case for client integration) is the creation of “human-assisted AI content” for things like area pages, blog posts, FAQ etc

Let me give you a terrible mockup (I’m waiting on @Phil for an actual one)

But imagine you are in the CMS (or blog) etc

You would use the familiar REW right-hand side fly out and you would click REWPert to assist you.

It would look something like this (I’m using the Bing ChatGPT 4 sidebar as a proxy, ours is different) < I’m not a designer :slight_smile:

But the vision here is, you have REWPert (which is ChatGPT 4, plus some preprogrammed goodies and extra prompts etc behind the scenes) directly at your fingertips in the backend.

Open a new page, give it a page title, filename, and what have you and then instead of having to write the content yourself you could say

“REWPert, write me a funny blog post about the history of Nanaimo, BC, and make it at least 1,000 words long”

BOOM! Instant content.

Check it for accuracy, then hit publish.


If you want to write your own content, but want research at your fingertips, ask him questions and get answers on the fly right in your sidebar

REWPert, can you tell me how many neighborhoods there are in Calgary?

(or whatever your question is) - again, research at your fingertips.

Want to be a bit shady (I don’t recommend this, but it’s a use case)

REWpert, this is the content of the top-ranking site in my market, rewrite it so it’s completely unique and suggest some improvements that they missed when writing it.

That’s primary use case #1 (doing 90% of your content generation, and research for you)

Next imagine the same fly out, but in the CRM.

Want to write an email reply but don’t know what to say? Press REWpert, and the fly-out comes up and say

"Rewpert, I need a professional response to this question (insert question).

Again check it for accuracy, spice it up a bit if you want, personalize it, and hit send.

I imagine you’re asking since I sent something out today. That was a super simple request to REWPert

“Write me a short text to my clients that says I’m just checking in”

For now (until the sidebar/integration is done, I just use him separately and copy-paste the response

Later (@Victor_Lozada this answers your idea) once we can develop plugins to specific data sets (such as your leads, CMS or IDX database) we can then have him query those data sets and do MUCH deeper stuff

Write an email to everyone in the CRM who visited in the last week and include 5 properties they have not viewed yet that match their search criteria along with a comment on each.

Now THAT would be sick! But the litany of complex queries and data set accesses required for such a thing is quite daunting (and potentially cost prohibitive) so while it’s fun to fantasize about ridiculously awesome use cases, it’s best to crawl, walk run on this and start developing the low hanging fruit “possible today” applications first and start winning “Now” :slight_smile:


Thanks for this awesome description of what we can expect in the near future. Excited to use it😊

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Awesome! The first phase of REWpert for content creation is huge leap forward. Its mind bending to think what might be possible in just the next 2-5 years.

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Do we have access to REWpert right now? @Morgan

Still being developed. @Morgan is just giving us a sneak peek at what is being worked on. @mattleicht - Keep following forums as this is where it will be posted, when REWpert is ready for market launch.

I actually have access to a beta now :slight_smile:

Phase 1 is conversational fly-out - basically, anywhere you are with the backend you can access Rewpert, type a prompt, and get the content you need for that application.

It’s been a while since I last read the updates on this, but presuming it is based on openAI, are you going to be springing for 4 or sticking with 3.5-turbo?

Pretty sure it’s already upgraded to 4 (with threading) - I don’t know all the differences, so I’ll ask him :slight_smile:

Super excited for this feature, very cool. Will it be able to do things like if you are making a listicle, 'best backyard retreats in [neighborhood name], be able to tell Pert to insert a specific listing, IDX snippet of homes with pools, or something along those lines?

Listicles yes! Create and then embed snippets, no.

Snippets would require the creation of a “plugin” which are not publicly available (we’re on a waiting listing) and also would be quite a deep integration (not impossible once we have plugins so could explore) but until we have plugins, we can’t directly integrate chatGPT with other software (other than the software we write that directly writes to and from ChatGPT (which is REWPert)

I’m sure there are hacks, but we’re waiting for plugins to see what we can do there.

But yes, listicles is a great use case that he can easily handle

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For anyone who doesn’t know how to create listicles (or what they are) How to Write a Listicle [+ Examples and Ideas]