Where are my data nerds? Building a new broker metrics / market watch product (need feedback)

Ok folks, really excited about this one (super early days)

We had some capacity in agency and R & D was booked for the next 6 months, so I decided to recruit some awesome folks from agency and dev ops to work on a new feature I’ve been talking about with some customers for a while (folks like @David from Waterfront :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWq-M5oIDJM

And a screenshot:

The endgame? A took at your fingertips to query any market data you can imagine and splice in in ways that make sense (by area: city, neighborhood, zip) by agent or office, by property type - sky is the limit.

Use it on listing presentation, use it for data mining in recruiting, or use it to push a button and produce beautiful market reports! (Like this mockup)

Possibilities are endless!

What I need from you (our clients) is what are the most important reports you pull now.

What data do YOU need?

And bonus points for “what kind of graph” you like to see that data on (double bonus points if you share screenshots or examples)


Nice… We’d really like to see a custom CMA tool… Compare Active, Pending and Sold in an area. Be able to add in a comp of a home we are presenting to. Be able to brand it to the Company and agent. Then add in a few marketing and price recommendation pages…

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I use MarketView Broker for data on these types of things… and one thing I can’t see is how a certain agent’s production measures up to the rest of the market. For instance… “Allie Carlson sells 15 homes a year, that is in the top XX% of agents in the area” This is always nice information to share during an interview with an agent!

Love it! And “Market share” as a % is definitely one of the metrics we will be making searchable / sortable. You can drill down by specific geographies, price points, and property types as well.

So: “Carly Carey sells x % of the commercial listings in these 3 neighborhoods above $1M” as an example query :slight_smile:

Yeah! Super valuable from what agents say in my area. They like to know where they land and in-turn, how to inch ahead. Thanks, Morgan!