Who's using ChatGPT content (and not being careful about it)

So here’s a neat little trick you can use to find people who are carelessly using AI-generated content against Google’s guidelines

Just use the following Google search: “Regenerate response” -chatgpt
…followed by a keyword of your choice

You see, when ChatGPT finishes a response, there’s a button at the bottom that says “Regenerate response”. Anyone who just copy-pastes the answer without paying attention is likely to copy the button text as well.
Then, when they paste the text onto their website without checking, the phrase “Regenerate response” will appear at the end. Like so…

Just an indication that there are going to be a lot of people out there using AI content in cheap and lazy ways.

Will they get penalized for it? Who knows…but I’m sure savvy users will begin to get a sense for it, which is why careful and professional implementation of AI, informed by SEO best-principles, will be so important going forward. Regenerate response


Great point! A university was recently embarrassed nationwide by this very thing. They wrote a condolence letter after a tragic event using Chat GPT and got caught. It’s a good reminder that while AI can be helpful, particularly for marketing, it’s not appropriate for everything.

A good example where, even if the AI-generated response is “perfect”, people still want it to be written by a human. It’ll be interesting as we start to develop a better idea of exactly where and in what circumstances people don’t care or do care (rightfully so in case of a tragic event)

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