Who's using Facebook retargeting? How is it working?

Any Realtors on here using FB retargeting? How is it working for you? Would love to see some of your sample ads.

I’m doing a lot of this. Retargeting through FB and Google. Will post some stuff here tomorrow.


Hey @spyglassrealty! Did you happen to make a post with your experience of FB and Google?

Want to bring this thread back up!

We do, but at a very basic brand level, but we’re getting great return on it in terms of branding, cost, and recognition from our peers, potential recruits, buyers/sellers, agents…etc.

I want to take it a step further and take advantage of FB’s catalog feature where we provide them an XML in their format and anyone who lands on a listing page will get retargeted for that specific listing. Much like every other major consumer site. Challenge we are having is finding a partner that can provide us the XML of our listings, our feed providers will not do it.

As an aside, I noticed that a real estate like zumper, has an automated feed going straight to facebook market place (including their scam listings). The listing page on FB marketplace also shows an icon that says this listing was fed in by zumper. We’re late to the game here, but want to make sure that now that we’re here we can maximize the pixel and opportunity!

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Facebook retargeting is extremely effective. Facebook got 22 billion clicks per year and there is enough opportunity to cash in on this. It has been revealed that Facebook remarketing ads receive as much as 3 times the engagement as normal Facebook ads do. It can be an especially powerful opportunity.

We’re you ever able to find a provider who can do this? A lot of the big website/CRM all-in-one companies now offer this to clients. Wondering if REW can/will provide the XML or if you’ve figured out a solution?

Did you ever reply to this thread? Would love to see what you have done.

SJ’s not in real estate any more (well not resi, but still a good friend :slight_smile:

Anyways you can certainly get an XML of your listings from REW, just speak to your AM, we use the ZIllow XML format for outputs. I’m sure that would give you what you need.