Win 5 hours of Professional Services time by finding REWpert!

By now, you’ve probably met REWpert. He’s our AI bot!

Well, he is really getting into the season and now he’s hiding out in 5 different locations. The first person to email our marketing team ( with all 5 hiding spots will win 5 hours of professional services time (hint, check our socials).

And here’s a gimme ↓ … now you only need 4!


So fun! I think I found a cute REWpert! Who else has found some? I’d LOVE 5 hours of pro service time! Good luck to the winner!

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I sent my email Amy! Love these REW contests.

Email received @judyorr! Unfortunately someone snuck in before you. But I’m so glad you’re enjoying the contests! We’re also running a birthday promo right now.

Congrats to @Tony for being the first to find all five REWperts!! Excited to see how you use your five hours.

In case you’re curious… REWpert was hiding in this thread, on our Facebook page, Twitter page, LinkedIn and on our Instagram. Follow our socials for more giveaways!

Congrats @Tony enjoy your free hours! :slight_smile:

thanks for playing Judy. You’ll get it next time!

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Thank you Morgan! Look forward to making good use of them :grinning:


Congratulations Tony! Excited to see what you put the hours towards.

@JayPhee You account manager Jason will be reaching out to get the work started.

Thank you Maria! Looking forward to working with @JayPhee and putting those hours into good use.

Enjoy your day!


@Tony congrats! I just gave you a call, but let’s connect in the next few days when you have some time.