Worrying about Google penalizing me for AI generated content but my own personal writing gets shown as AI

I’ve been using AI (that I read through and edit) to help me create more content. Although Google has said it won’t penalize AI-generated content (and how can they now that it is running amok), I’m not sure.

I just read a post from Originality.ai that it can pretty much catch any of these AI content “human rewriter” programs. I almost signed up for one until I read that article - why bother if even the best rewriters can be identified?

My issue is that even my 100% human-written content (by me), shows up as AI generated. So if true human-written stuff is being shown as AI, then should we worry at all about AI-written content?

Originality.ai states that the only way they can say something is human-written is if it has typos and grammatical errors. I’m not saying all of the content I produce is 100% perfect, but I really try to spell correctly and use proper grammar. I guess I have to let some of the AI-written posts keep the errors in so they will be seen as more human. But I hate that!

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I’m guessing that if they really can’t tell the difference reliably, they won’t continue to differentiate?
The idea that we would have to introduce errors into our writing to prove we are human, makes me want to go back to analog for everything.

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I’m just hoping that they really won’t penalize any kind of AI, especially since detection isn’t accurate.

As long as it’s what people want to read, you should be fine. Sometimes AI uses a lot of fluff. Cut the the fluff out and try to get to the point sooner rather than later. A personal story sprinkled into the article is a win with Google’s EEAT. What I noticed from AI written content is the “commas” through out. That’s one of the dead giveaways to these AI content articles.

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I’m seeing the opposite with the commas. Grammarly keeps wanting me to add them because the AI leaves them out when I would have put them in.

I have an AI writer that is supposedly not AI detectable but Originality.ai showed that isn’t true. I really have to remove the fluff and repetitiveness on that one, and I might not use it much any longer since it can be detected (at least by Originality.ai but not all) and I have otherwise better AI writer programs.

It sounds like you’re doing the right things moving forward. Just consider EEAT.

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I think you’re also putting too much stock in that Originality site - has nothing to do with Google, and just because they can’t tell the difference doesn’t mean Google can’t.

Originality.ai did tell the difference in every program they tried and they gave a couple of examples of some popular AI writers that supposedly can fool detection. They didn’t fool Originality.ai.

My issue is that even lesser AI detectors say my own personal writing without AI is 100% (or mostly) AI written, and it wasn’t! So if my own writing is being detected as AI, then why should I worry about AI written content being flagged by Google?

I think you’re missing my point - AI detectors are not Google, so whatever they say doesn’t have any bearing of what “Google” thinks of your content.

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Do you know of a way that Google can detect AI-written content (yet)?

Yes, Google can easily detect AI generated content. Not an issue for them at all.

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