How Should I Set Up My Navigation?

People who can’t find what they’re looking for within a few seconds are likely to move onto another website. Because real estate websites hold a significant amount of information, it’s critical that users can find their way around your website quickly and easily. This is where a crisp and strategic navigation will come into play.

Because the navigation plays such a critical role in your site’s success, we recommend coming up with a rough navigation structure before you begin building your content.

Main Navigation

The majority of real estate websites will have a primary navigation bar, found at the top of every webpage of the site. This bar should hold your absolute most important links, focusing on the areas of the site that your users are most likely to be interested in.

A typical real estate navigation looks something like this:

Within each of those categories, a number of subcategories make it even easier for people to find what they’re looking for. Here are a few examples of the types of pages you might find in this secondary navigation:

    • All Listings
    • Community Search
    • Map Search
    • Advanced Search
    • Nanaimo
    • Central Nanaimo
    • North Nanaimo
    • South Nanaimo
    • Parksville
    • Qualicum Beach
    • Cedar

Side Navigation

Instead of (or in addition to) the primary navigation on the main page, some sites will use a side navigation structure. This is becoming less common in modern web design, but it often makes sense for websites with a high volume of pages.

The types of content you’d find in a side navigation are very similar to the main navigation. Just keep in mind that search engines will prioritize your links in the same order you do—in other words, links found at the top of a page will be considered more important than links lower on that same page.

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