Agent Adoption - Reporting

How are you guys tracking agent adoption? Looking at the reports provided there aren’t many besides Agent Response and Task report.

On an admin/enterprise level it would be good to see:

  • How many agents/users are logging in a certain time frame (7 days, 30 days, 90 days, custom, etc).

  • Recently Logged in agents

  • Time spent in CRM

  • Total leads instead of total “assigned” leads

  • Number of leads assigned to campaigns per agent. I know you can see the TOTAL number of leads in a campaign if they are in a shared group.

These metrics allow for better visibilty within the CRM, knowing who’s logging in and not I can further focus on who to target as far as adoption and better success within the CRM.

If you guys have any success stories, I would love to read on how I can implement those.



Andrew, these are great suggestions (and very topical)

The time one is a bit more of a bear, but some could easily be added (Especially since we do already track who logged in, when etc)

As a quick win, I’ll speak to @Aayaam and the team about getting a logins report done and also adding the last logged in to the main agent’s screen.


Also we already show total leads (not just “assigned” leads :slight_smile: )

Depending on whether you mean campaign or action plan when you say “campaign” see below:

For a campaign (group-based) you can tell how many leads are in the said campaign, broken out by agent, and brought into a report by checking for # of leads in group filtered by agent assignment.

For an action plan, you can essentially do the same thing, but instead of filtering by group for each agent, you filter by the action plan itself.

If you don’t want to wait you can:
Build a dashboard for your “Executive Report” via any reasonably open platform, I would recommend Google Data Studio
Get all agents via API
Use agent IDs to form URL queries filtering by
Curl to authenticate
Hit each page (leads/?agents%5B0%5D= . agentID
Grab the ‘.//span[@class = “leads__count”]’ to get the count
Send it to your SQL database, Google Sheets, Google Data Studio or whatever data source that feeds your dashboard of reports

You can do the same thing for leads < x calls by agent, Recently logged in agents / how many agents/users are logging in during a certain time (two different reports created from the same set of data (checking each user’s last logged in time and then doing some simple date math for your report) “//*[@id=“app__main”]/div[3]/div/div/div[2]/div[2]” is the XPath for the last logged in via the /agent/summary/?id=xyz page.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out. It’s pretty basic and can be set up in a day or two by most any competent freelancer if you don’t have someone in-house.


bump, would like to see if anyone at their brokerages are tracking adoption

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