Alpha testing the new REW dialer - need client / feature feedback!

Hello all,

An exciting week here at Real Estate Webmasters Inc! We’ve installed our first “Alpha” of the REW Dialer.

As per usual, we’re testing on first since we own it, have hundreds of leads coming in monthly there etc.

While we test it, I could use your help in terms of what features you want us to put on the roadmap.

Here’s how it works right now:

In several places on the REW CRM (where the phone number is displayed), you can simply click the phone number and it starts a dial session. The session flies out on the right-hand side (similar to other REW CRM UI elements.

Within the controls (dial session) you can:

  • Mute the call
  • Open a dial pad (if you need to press 1 for English)
  • Click record (yes you can record your calls! < but you must by law ask for permission or let them know)
  • Take notes during/after the call.

It’s pretty awesome!

From there, calls are automatically logged in your call logging, including your notes and you can access your recordings there as well.

Since we do track both time and sessions (outgoing calls and incoming calls) we will be building those stats into the agent accountability dashboard (so you can pull up your agent’s performance using the
CMR) think things like:

  • Number of dials in a given timeframe
  • Number of unique leads called
  • Number of calls per lead

That sort of thing.

We’re not ready for a client beta (yet), since we need to sort out the provisioning of unique phone numbers, and usage tracking (we’re using Twillio for the bridge which does have usage costs) but that will be very soon.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you (our valued partners and clients)

What else do you need in this dialer in order to make it truly awesome for your business?

Please make your requests/suggestions below :slight_smile:

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When this is completed, I will definitely make the switch from our current CRM to REWs CRM. Fewer logins and call recordings would be the tipping point. I look forward to seeing this rollout. I hope this won’t be an additional cost. The value of a seamless CRM with the website would be incredible. Please sign me up for BETA if possible. :grinning:

We are also currently using an auto ChatAi bot that follows up for 365 days via text and email. It’s a third-party plug-in. Any plans to have third-party integrations with REW CRM?

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Hello Rafael, really glad you’re excited about it.

I can confirm already that there “will” be additional cost (especially if you are using recording).

The reason for this is, we use a third party service called to ensure compliance, deliverability etc, and “they” (as in Twilio) have a cost “on consumption” for use of the application.

Conceivably (for high traffic / high lead sites) this usage and recording storage bill could be higher than the $500 base platform fees we charge. So we must ensure customers are paying for their use of the third party application.

For small outfits, individuals, it will be very affordable though (likely 10’s not hundreds of dollars monthly)

A logical next question is “how much” - we don’t have a price for the full application yet, but here are some base numbers for ballparking the Twilio part (rates subject to change without notice)

And recording

They also charge monthly for unique phone numbers (those we provision for agents) so each agent who is enabled with their own phone number will have a base phone number cost.

I would love to be a tester

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I have been using it for a few months and love it. At times it doesn’t connect properly, such as a disc recording, or this number is not allocated recording, I redial on my cell phone to find out why the connection didn’t go through. What would make this really great is being able to forward it my cell phone, I could receive call backs without being on my computer. Also a voice mail feature would be nice.


Great feedback Paul, thank you! We’ll make some notes and bring up in future dialer discussions for consideration.