Carly Carey customized website mockups

As many of you know, I’m working on my wife’s website. Here are a few mockups I have so far, would love your feedback. Note special thanks to Monica from our design agency for doing a great job.

Site model: Vision Hybrid.

Some early mockups:


About section:


Would love your comments


Site looks awesome! Those are some great looking people!

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Haha! Thanks Jeff! Just placeholder, but yes, I can’t really argue with you there :wink:

Welcome to the site btw! Glad to have you on the forums. We have a few special sections just for you! (feel free to invite your EXP friends)

Once we broadcast this we’re looking forward to some great conversations.
So glad you’re here!

if she plans on focusing on listings…I would encourage the Luxury Homes section to be Our Featured Properties…

look forward to seeing more

Good call, that way they attribute the listings to her (even though they are IDX) the “our featured” means ones we’ve chosen to feature. Is that right?

we do still want the luxury KW in the header though so maybe “Our featured luxury homes”?

First thought…I would pick her offices listings to feature if they have enough…

We should discuss when I fly up…What is you October like?

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Oct 7-9 or 22-25 are open, let’s chat and definitely get a date set.

Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for your suggestions about my website. I’m super excited!


@Carly I love your site! Between the sneak peek with your site, and the initial mock ups I have seen for my new site… I am super impressed with the design direction. Our site is scheduled to launch Jan 2nd… counting the days!

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It’s actually live now. I’m still working on lots of stuff, but at least the main page is solid and we can start sending PPC to community pages. Give me a few weeks and we’ll have it cleaned up



Like Carly…I would like to share a sneak peek of the new community page REW is creating for us, publicly on social.

Thoughts? Should I?

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You should post it here and ask for reciews then share that post link on social and tell people to sign up and give feedback :slight_smile:

I’ll share it for you too as will @LauraMonroe and rest of team. Should be able to lots of eyeballs on it


PERFECT will do!

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Haven’t even done WPO on this yet, and look at this speed score! Coming along nicely!


The signup form is really hard to read with the black lettering on the dark background.

Yeah it was a recent push that broke it. Going to have it fixes asap ty

Was just looking at this on mobile and in the gallery view on mobile there is a really bad flicker in the image when you swipe from one to the next as the image loads for the first time (it doesn’t do this after the image has loaded if you swipe back through).

This doesn’t show up on Chrome on desktop. I actually went to the and also my vision site and it happens there as well. On my iPad with Chrome and Safari and my Pixel 4 with Chrome I have tested it and it’s present. Firefox on the desktop duplicates it occasionally. There seems to be a bug in some of the coding that is caused by a redraw of the image as photoswipe is re-sizing the next image, but it makes the gallery swiping uncomfortable in comparison to other major real estate platforms.

Here’s a YouTube video of the issue:

Here is a link to an Issue in GitHub that references this and a possible fix from code that might have been inserted to help deal with dynamic image resizing:

Love the site! How do I go about creating something similar for my own site?

For the homepage, is the text/picture layout something the concierge service can do to create a similar feel? Same question for changing text/pictures throughout the site. My understanding is the minimum is 25 hours of concierge service for $2,500. How far does that get me with something with this scope?

I’m assuming the appearance of the listings on the home page and in the different community sections is more customized work?

I’m on a budget here so the less customized I can go while cleaning up the appearance of my site is very important. Any feedback would be great. Thanks in advance

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Hello Brian, this is a true custom site. From branding, mockups, etc I probably spent about $50,000 on this site. Doing full custom work is not for the feint of heart (or budget)

There are definitely things that can be done on a budget (even a $2,500 one) but it would not be a custom site.

Question: What is your URL, and what is your most important goal?